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Six (6) Features of a Great Tour Company in Tobago

As a visitor to our beautiful island the easy part is actually choosing to come here. Our island is the most noncommercial tourism experience in the entire Caribbean. Tobagonians are proud people who love the visitors who come here without surrendering their identity.

When you get deeper in your planning of your vacation here in Tobago however , there needs to be a little more research done to make sure that you get things just right for what will be a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll want to explore all that Tobago has to offer and the best way to do that is to choose the right tour service.

With all that in mind here are our recommendations for the 6 features that you should look for in every tour operator business:


Is there any evidence of referrals for this particular operator? Well,the places to check are online forums or online service apps such as Trip Advisor. Everyone gets a bad rating at sometime so what you want to look for is that the bad is heavily outweighed by the good and read to see if the things that matter to you are being reviewed positively.

The Operator has a Website

After all you are searching online. Any decent tour operating service has a web presence both on Social Networks and in the form of their own website. The website is the face of the operator’s business and pays homage to the level of detail and attention the owner of the business has put in to be a professional and customer centric organization.

Well Maintained Vehicles

A great working fleet is essential to running a superior Tour operating business. An operator who regularly cleans and services his fleet is bound to stand out and you should hear about that in the forums and the online rating services.

Clear Pricing Structures

You should klnow exactly what you are getting into when you choose an operator. The best operators in Tobago have clear pricing rates for their described services.


Certification in this industry comes from the designation that you are certified by the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry. You can check the authenticity of this certification by visiting this webpage.


Superior tour operators should be able to design a tour to suit your specific needs once there are enough people will to go along with it.  Once considerations for safety and viability have been ensured there should be no reason that you should be denied your bespoke tour.

At Hans Tours we are :

  • Always referred by our past users of our service.
  • Our website is always up-to-date
  • Our price structures are clear.
  • Always taking care of our vehicles to make sure they are both safe and perform the way they’re supposed to.
  • Certified by the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry
  • Willing to meet your specific needs once it does not hamper the rights of others on the tour.

Leave us your thoughts on other factors which are important to you. Until then happy planning of your next Tobago vacation.

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