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Hans Tours | Tours
Hans Tours is a certified tour operator based on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. Hans Tours offers island tours of all kinds and transportation services well

Island Tours

Experience Tobago’s best kept secret: its natural beauty and history. With its breathtaking landscapes, lush green forest reserve, beaches, waterfalls, historical sites, national and protected bird species and even our unique Silk Cotton Trees. Swim at a waterfall, drive through our rain forest have lunch at Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant and top it all off with our best ice-cream. It will be an experience you never forget.

Tour Duration
$80USD($480TTD) per person 9:00AM to 5:00PM


Enjoy a relaxing day at Adventure Farm as we sit and have nature at your disposal. There are five species of hummingbirds there, Tangers, Blue Crown Mot Mot, the Tropical Mocking Bird, the White Tip and Ruddy doves and Pale-Vented pigeons. You will be able to sample local fruits along the walkway of the lush orchard fields.

Tour Duration
$40USD($240TTD) per person 3.5 Hours

Buccoo Reef Tours

Experience one of the most popular reefs i n the Caribbean: The Buccoo Reef.
Take a ride in the traditional glass bottom boat and view the underwater flora and fauna and some of the most exotic coral formations and tropical fish.
If viewing is not enough for you, take the plunge! Put on your snorkel gear and get face to face with the underwater wildlife and intricate coral formations. After, go to the local fountain of youth where you can become 10 years younger and 5 years smarter and where if husbands and wives kiss under the crystal clear waters, their marriages would be sealed for life.

Tour Duration
$40USD($240TTD) per person 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Rainforest Tours

Historical and Cultural Tour

Little Tobago and Bird Of Paradise Tour

Sunday School at Buccoo


Sunset Cruise

Do not miss the opportunity to view a sunset at sea. Let’s travel accross the Bon Accord Lagoon where you will see diverse species of birds. We will then make our way to the Nylon Pool and soak in Tobago’s own fountain of youth. Watch the Sun on the horizon and share these moments with friends and loved ones.

Tour Duration
$70USD($420TTD) per person  4:00PM to 7:00PM  

Englishman’s Bay Tour

Experience one of our most highly rated Beaches where you can swim, snorkel or just relax in our generous Tobago sunshine. Spend the day on a beach that also offers the opportunity to purchase from our local craftsmen and sample local cusine.

Tour Duration
$40USD($240TTD) per person  9:00AM to 2:00PM  

Cocoa Estate / Argyle Falls Tour

Visit our thriving cocoa plantation in Tobago, viewing its pods and dried beans from which one of the world’s finest dark chocolate is made. Have your life sweetened with Tobago’s own dark and lovely chocolate and then have a swim in the majestic Argyle Falls.

Tour Duration
$60USD($360TTD) per person  8:30AM to 1:30PM  

Turtle Watching Experience

From March to August is an exciting time for all nature lovers. It’s the time when you get to see the nesting of the Leatherback, the Green and the Hawksbill turtles. If this wasn’t exciting enough the fact that 60 days after the laying of eggs by these magnificent creatures, another opportunity is afforded to you – the possibility of seeing these hatch-lings race into the Caribbean Sea to start their new lives.

Tour Duration
$40USD($240TTD) per person  8:00AM to 12:00PM