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Hans Tours | Why Choose Us
Hans Tours is a certified tour operator based on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. Hans Tours offers island tours of all kinds and transportation services well


We’re The Best!

Hans Tours is the number one certified tour operator on the island of Tobago.  With decades of experience in touring and transportation services for visitors, Hans Tours makes every experience fun and memorable. The thing that separates Hans Tours from the rest is our high standards for professionalism and excellence.
  • We offer many different types of tours.
  • We offer many activities as well.
  • We’re always punctual
  • We’re always professional
  • We have well maintained and squeaky clean tour buses.
  • We can customize any tour to suit your needs.
Evidence of this is our certification from the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certification. However, at Hans Tours our certification is just the basic foundation, we constantly strive to refine our tours to our clients needs, we constantly solicit your feedback to make sure that we keep on giving you the best tours possible while you enjoy your beautiful and relaxing Tobago vacation.